The workshop for men who are ready to re-energize themselves, their relationships, and their communities

The next workshop will be on 4 Monday evenings,

7:30-9:40pm ET, July 22, 29, August 12 & 19, 2024

Professionally Facilitated

Strengthen Key Skills for Personal Growth

Engage in Group Discussions

The Unmute Workshop was excellent.

It is the start of my journey to become more emotionally aware and connect with my men’s circle in my hometown.

I am so grateful to this program and wish I was in one sooner.

The facilitators are exceptional and really make you feel comfortable which makes it much easier to be vulnerable and take one’s mask off.

Sanjay G.

Great way to initiate openness and express feelings.”

Frank B.

The Unmute Yourself workshop is a place where you can come together with like-minded men, discuss the joys and challenges of life in a safe space free from criticism or judgement.

This being my 1st ManKind Project experience, I found the inner reflection activities useful and the conversation topics meaningful.

This is a perfect course to take if you are feeling stuck or even just a little stagnant in your life. Highly recommended!

Andy R.

The Program

Week 1: Connection

Explore what greater connection with yourself and others might look like for you.

Learn to navigate your emotions.

Week 2: Agreements

Take inventory of your significant life agreements and their impacts.

Learn a simple and effective technique to increase accountability in your life and relationships.

Week 3: Beliefs about Ourselves

Surface both self-limiting and self-affirming beliefs and how they influence your identities and relationships.

Practice transforming your beliefs to reinforce new choices.

Week 4: Vision

Access inner resources connected to your unique gratitude and vision.

Design your next steps to apply these skills and concepts in your life.

“It was a great experience considering I have never done anything like this, ever!”

“You only get what you put into it. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and dig deep. Surprise yourself and you will not be disappointed.”

Unmute Yourself Participants

Who is this for?

Men who are ready to live with greater self-awareness, intention, and purpose in their lives.

Men who feel isolated in a world that is more distant, disconnected and “remote” than ever before

Men who keep feelings “on mute” as a way of surviving and being in service to others.

This was a great workshop that helped me gain a more profound understanding of myself as a man.

The Unmute Workshop was excellent.

By providing some relatively simple exercises and creating a supportive environment in which to practice them, I was able to gain some awesome insight into myself and my relationships.

Huge help, and a great experience.”


This workshop was amazing and gave me the self-confidence to dive wholeheartedly into some of the things that I am struggling with as a young man. The camaraderie and support shared by everyone in the group is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. This workshop was incredible and has changed my outlook on life. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for guidance and clarity on how they’re showing up in the world, strengthening relationships and friendships with those they hold close to their hearts”

Unmute Yourself Participant

How much does it cost?

The workshop costs $75. Payment is due before you begin. We can accept Interac E-Transfer, as well as Visa and Mastercard.

The fee can be reduced or waived if needed! Just note that option when you register. 

I have questions!


Check out our FAQ below! We’re also happy to help answer any question you have. Contact the staff team at

Who are the Facilitators?

Millan Patel

Millan is a physician scientist and clinical professor at the University of British Columbia.

He has a passion for helping those with rare conditions and co-founded the Rare Disease Foundation to foster disruptive innovation in this space.

He leads the ManKind Project in British Columbia and is Vice Chair for Canada. His focus is on creating sacred space and deep listening.

Walter Sienko

Walter has been an adventurer, an author, world-cyclist, artist, photographer, spiritual seeker, teacher, and counselor.

He has completed a Bachelor of Psychology, three years’ training with the Transpersonal Therapy Center, and diplomas in counseling, men’s groups, and non-violence.

He has been a professional counselor and supervised social workers, and has studied, taught and developed community with mentors and teachers from around the world. Walter is actively involved in self-development groups and offers and facilitates individual and group healing sessions.

He is a deeply wise teacher who embraces the adventure of life with humour, wisdom, courage, and greatness.

Juan Laracuente

I am currently in my second year pursuing my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.

After undergoing my own life experiences and traumas I wanted to find a way to heal.
I utilize what I have learned from my trauma responses and post trauma growth to help others.

My passion to help others overcome adversity is strong and apparent. I am a volunteer for victims of abuse.

I also work as a disabilities support worker, working with developmentally challenged individuals. I strive to be the change in the world by doing what I can to help create that change.

Dave Uez

Dave holds an MBA from York University and a Certified Human Resources Leader designation.

He has designed and delivered training programs in North America, Europe and Asia, has in-depth experience in recruitment, performance management, and talent management, and has taught business courses at several colleges and universities.

Dave recently moved to the not-for-profit sector after a global career in technology, insurance and manufacturing.

His current volunteer work includes mediation, supporting men’s circle work and training in the ManKind Project and singing Bass in the Hecklers Chorus.

Peter Russell

Peter holds an Honours BA in English literature from Glendon College.

He ran his own real estate brokerage firm with a partner for 13 years and continues to work in Toronto as a broker.

In 1997 he attended the New Warrior Training Adventure weekend with the ManKind Project (MKP).

The experience was profound and life changing: “My big take-away was the concept of Accountability. For the first time, I understood that my behaviours have an impact on the world around me, intended or unintended.”

He has now staffed over 40 NWTA weekends and sits regularly in an MKP men’s circle.

“Sitting in circles of support with other men never gets old. It inspires me to pay-it-forward and hold space for others.”

Ross Curtner

Ross is a coach and strategist. Prior to launching his current leadership company, Ross co-founded and led a creative agency where he produced films for clients in North America, Asia, and Africa.

Beyond his client engagements, Ross invests in start-ups and cultural projects that are building a regenerative future. In addition to supporting men’s circles, Ross is on the leadership team of a boys’ right of passage ceremony where he guides boys and their mentors through fasts and wilderness solos.

Ross is a lifelong student of the outdoors, child-like creativity, and the wild intuition he’s recovering within.

He lives by a creek in Chelsea, QC.

Étienne Dupuy

Étienne has been an entrepreneur since the age of 20 when his family opened their first restaurant, eventually taking on the role of general manager before buying his own house painting business.

The service industry has exposed him to folks from all different walks of life. In 2019, he joined a ManKind Project (MKP) men’s circle in Ottawa and attended the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) weekend.

He has staffed NWTAs and been a Board member with MKP Ontario since 2020. Outside of work and MKP, Étienne is passionate about community building, the outdoors, kiteboarding, and adventure traveling.

He currently resides in Toronto, ON.

Ian Watson

Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Ian speaks Spanish and French fluently and has travelled to over 35 countries.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from York University. Ian is a self-taught graphic designer, solar water heating professional, yoga/meditation instructor, photographer, green builder, permaculture designer, and men’s work facilitator.

He completed his NWTA (New Warrior Training Adventure) weekend with the ManKind Project and is now on the Leadership track.

Over the past few years, Ian has lived with his fiancée in Bali over winters and helped build permaculture spaces in Ontario over warmer months.

Andrew Weiss

Andrew is a musician and writer. An avid student of philosophy, meditation, music, and art, he loves to facilitate experiences of introspection and inner work that combine these passions into a supportive whole.

He finds his own inner work in the ManKind Project to be an exciting blend of mindfulness, self-help, community support, and creative expression.

Andrew is passionate about holding space for other men to be supported in finding inner calm while more fully expressing who they are in thoughtful, kind, and powerful ways.

Cameron Carrick

Cameron first sought a men’s group at age 22. In university, he felt alone, insecure, and unsure about what it meant to be a young man in today’s world. 

Now, seven years later, he’s led and participated in half a dozen men’s groups in two countries. 

He currently lives one Vancouver Island with his dog, cat, and lover.

Robert Mercier

Born & raised in Montreal, Robert leads a Human Resources team, supporting 22,000 employees nationally. He holds certificates in Quality Service, Leadership Excellence and Employee Engagement from the Disney Institute.

As an advocate for substance abuse recovery, he regularly shares his experience with alcoholism & addiction to help end the stigma surrounding dependency.

As an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer, he tries to spend his free time hiking the high peaks of Quebec and Eastern United States.

John Closs

Our responsibility as men begins with hearing each other and being heard.

This series is for you if you are ready to unmute yourself and open up, speak up, and show up in new ways that feel authentic and genuine.

Who is MKP Ontario?

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating leadership, emotional intelligence, and integrity.

We provide world-class training, support Canada’s largest network of men’s groups, and help empower men on their personal missions of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the workshop online or in-person?

The workshop is online via Zoom.

How long is the workshop?

The workshop runs weekly for 4 weeks (4 evenings in total). Participants are asked to join the calls in time to start at 7:30pm ET, and each session ends by 9:40pm ET at the latest. There’s also a break midway through each session.

What if I have to miss one of the 4 evenings?

You’re welcome to attend the other 3 evenings. If you wish, we’re often able to arrange a catch-up call to update you on what you’ve missed.

Can I attend this workshop while I also attend a men’s circle?

You can attend either activity first or both at the same time if you wish. The workshop provides a structured introduction to some of the processes and tools used in the ManKind Project, using group discussion and exercises. In our men’s circles, the activities vary each night depending on who is attending and what issues they wish to address. In any ManKind Project activity, all participation is optional.

Should I attend this workshop before I attend the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) weekend?

The workshop provides a great introduction to the processes and tools used in the ManKind Project, which you may find helpful before you decide to attend the NWTA. But the workshop is not a requirement before attending the NWTA.

What age should men be to benefit from this workshop?

Men of all ages are welcome to attend. Having a range of life experiences adds richness to the workshop discussions.

I’ve attended men’s circles (or circles open to anyone) in the past. Will this workshop be anything new?

There may be overlap with your other experiences. Our workshops typically have a mix of experience levels which adds richness to the workshop discussions. Feel free to contact us at to discuss.

Why is there a $50 fee for the workshop?

The fee is intended to confirm commitment to attend and provide funds to subsidize men who cannot afford the full cost of other programs. If this fee is a barrier for anyone, we will provide payment options and/or reductions as needed.

What are the qualifications of those who deliver these workshops?

All volunteers delivering these workshops have attended the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) weekend and have also typically attended a men’s circle for several years, along with other training through the ManKind Project. We normally have 4-5 volunteer staff in a workshop supporting 10-15 participants.