Staff Training 1

Entering the mystery.

Is it possible to master men’s work?

How can you use your unique gifts as a facilitator and integrate with the rest of the staff to create a safe and transformative container?

Archetypes of the New Warrior

Dissecting the flow and processes of the New Warrior Training Adventure, men take a deeper look at the archetypes at the heart of our work.

This 1½ day training is required for men before their 4th NWTA. The focus of the ST1 is the Warrior archetype, while teaching all four archetypes.

The focus of this training is to review and teach the flow, energy, and intent of the processes on the NWTA, with the context set by the Process question: “What’s so new about being a New Warrior?”

Must be taken before your 4th NWTA Staffing