Leadership Training

What does leadership for the 21st Century look like for the New Warrior?

How does the burden and blessing of leadership show up in your life?

Explore how your ‘Authentic Servant Leader’ shows up in MKP and your life.

The Container of Leadership LT1:

Learning to lead groups and build strong teams with positive interpersonal relationships.

Multicultural awareness training on hetero-sexism.

This 2 1/2 day training is led by two LT1 Leader Trainers. It is a Lover quadrant training, with the context set by the Process Question: “Do we have a container?”

LT1 takes a deep look at safe and strong containers: How to build, maintain, support through challenges, and then release containers.

The processes covered include:

  • Intro to Feelings
  • The Gift
  • What’s at Risk
  • Cock Talk
  • Includes 7 week follow-up
  • ‘Whatever it Takes’ Group

The Burdens and Blessings of Leadership LT2:

Holding and handling the burden of leadership. Multicultural training on classism / elitism. It is a Warrior quadrant training, and the context is set by the Process Question: “What are your blessings and burdens of leadership?”

The ‘Burden Process’ continues to be a mainstay in this training.

Key covenanted processes covered are:

  • Accountability and Mission
  • ‘Whatever it Takes’ follow-up group.

The Authentic Servant Leader LT3:

Examining the predator and victim within us as leaders. Creating safety. Multicultural training on sexism. It is intended to serve men moving into leadership positions in MKP.

It is a King’s quadrant training, and addresses the Process question: “Who or what is an authentic servant leader?” This training offers a deep look at our Victim / Perpetrator shadow that gets in the way of leading.

The Covenanted processes taught are:

  • Sensei and
  • Mission