I-Group Facilitator Training


I-Group Facilitation is the art of directing a process in which a man discovers a deeper truth about himself, others, and the world.


What is the IGFT?

The IGFT is an advanced training for facilitating highly effective men’s support groups. It is a 2-day curriculum that deepens and expands on the material taught in the Primary Integration Training, offering men additional tools and practices for creating safe and effective spaces for personal development work.

In the IGFT we explore how to pace facilitation, ask good questions, and practice skills for developing powerful intuition.


Over the two days, you will have an opportunity to practice your facilitation skills in eight processes: being the facilitator, being facilitated and being an observer.

Learn Key Facilitation Skills

      • Speaking to be understood

      • Using silence to open blocked paths

      • Radical self-management

      • How to truly meet a man where he is

      • Use ‘Mindful Intrusion’ to stay on track

      • Verifying and Clarifying

      • Asking more powerful questions

    • 8 Powerful processes