We’re glad you’re here.

We are MKP Ontario within the ManKind Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating leadership, emotional intelligence, and integrity.

Our Programs

Our flagship training – an action-packed weekend with up to 30 other men to help you grow, learn and level up.

The workshop for men who are ready to re-energize themselves, their relationships, and their communities.

A place to acquire and practice the skills you need to develop your leadership, emotional intelligence, accountability, and integrity.

Ongoing trainings throughout the year for men seeking to deepen their self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

“I am grateful to MKP as I have experienced heart healing.

I have learned to feel my anger in healthy ways and reduced my judgements of others.

I have come to love and embrace the awesome man that others have always seen me to be but only recently have I come to love and accept all of ME.”

Bob McMurry